FabLabABQ’s 3D Tool Chest

What do we mean when we say 3D?

•       Complete accurate computer-generated models/replicas of any object in a digital environment

•       Rotatable/Movable/Scalable versions of an object

•       Infinite replications possible

What 3D technology can mean for you!

•       Interactive web presence for 3D collections

•       Full-representation in cataloguing of original collections

•       Easy physical replication for ‘Gift Shop’ items

•       Increased mobility for collections/exhibitions

•       Loaning out collection pieces while keeping the original

•       What 3D technology can mean for you!

3D Tools to Work With

•       3D Scanner

•       3D Printer

•       Laser Cutter

•       Plasma Cutter

•       3-axis CNC Router

•       Fully Equipped Fabrication Shop

3D Scanner

•       Extremely accurate digital replications of a physical object

•       First step in digitizing your collection

•       Average time it takes to produce an accurate 3D model: 4 hrs.

3 Axis CNC Router

•       From Large-scale 2D Profiling to Full 3-axis depth relief, the CNC Router can accomplish it

•       Easy workflow from digital models (scanned or built) to scalable prototypes and finished objects

3-D Printer

•       Quick and Accurate Replications of Digital Models

•       Used in preservation conscious mold-making

•       Pre-Run Versions for manufacturing batch run products

•       Fully-representational replicas of a collection

Laser Cutter

•       Advanced laser equipment for a range of applications, from laser cutting and engraving to industrial marking .

•       Custom solutions that can address every type of laser engraving, cutting and marking need.

3-D Scanner

•       3D Digital Models scanned from original clay and bronze sculptures

•       Full representation and replication for web presence and archiving