The Grande Happy Hen House

The Grande Happy Hen House was designed as a modern, mobile solution to housing chickens in urban settings. It’s prefabricated pieces are easily assembled and has the capacity to keep 12 hens. The efficient use of materials, Bioshield healthy living paints and a minimum of hardware, makes the Happy Hen House a delightful addition to any backyard and as detailed as a piece of modern furniture.

Total: L: 11’- 8” W: 3’-6” H: 5’-0”
House: L: 3’-9” W: 3’-6” H: 3’-6”
Run: L: 8’-0” W:3’-2” H: 4’-0”

Prices: Unfinished Kit $1040.00 / Finished Kit $1,365.00 / Assembled Kit $1,475.00

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