Where the Wild Things Are…Made!


This Halloween costume-head for the character Carol, from Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s story Where the Wild Things Are,  needed to be big!  But at the same time, wearable….  In order to fabricate the head of Carol, we turned to slabs of EPS (expanded polystyrene) and our 4′ x 8′ ShopBot!  Starting with a series of reference images, Jacob Dorler digitally modeled a mesh version that was then reworked into a shell that could fit over the client’s head and rest on their shoulders.

The model was then sliced into sections and machined on both sides of the slab in order to capture any large undercuts, such as the empty cavity where the client’s head would fit.  After the pieces were machined, they were aligned and laminated using 3M’s Spray 78 adhesive, designed specifically for foam.

Once together, the form was hand-finished to remove any textures or supports from the machining process!  It was a very happy Halloween indeed!

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