KRRRL’s Drawings Brought up to Scale

Working with artists is by far one of the most fascinating processes, and can be even more intriguing when you introduce the artist to some new technology that they can use.  Krrrl is one such artist with which we’ve had the privilege and pleasure to work.  Traditionally working in the medium of drawings, Krrrl has recently begun to explore the possibilities of Digital 3D Design.

After rendering one of his drawings in clay relief, the relief was then 3D Scanned.  We scaled the 3D model up to 4-ft tall and began the process for the piece to be cast in concrete by the folks over at Counter Intelligence in Albuquerque.  Capturing the detail of a pencil stroke or the nuance of the gestural working of the clay through digital technology is truly an amazing thing to see as it comes out in the final product!